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A modern looking glassy building like the Austonian or W would look far more out of place in this area than anything else possibly could. Well other than maybe a ferris wheel. The Eye of London would look quite silly there.

But the way it looks is why I think it works for where it is. It looks like a futuristic design from many years ago. lol. If that makes any sense. To be part of a planetarium that vibe works for it and the area where it is being built which has many large buildings from the late 1800's and then 30's and stopped in the 70's. The lower CBD is a mix of many more small buildings from the 1800's and then the large ones from the 80's to today. That this design looks like a futuristic design would be imagined in the 60's or 70's is pretty cool for where it is going and that it is a planetarium.
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