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Originally Posted by Roadcruiser1 View Post
A new Twin Towers design won't change much from the old one except with the use of stronger materials, and wider windows. The original Twins had too much steel, and too small of the windows due to Minoru Yamasaki's fear of heights. If there were new Twins they would have wider windows. Also building Twin Towers at the World Trade Center site nowadays is dead. It's not coming back down there, but if anyone has the land, cash, and the space for it somewhere in NYC, or in neighboring Jersey City I would say go for it.

The so-called Twin Towers II proposal backed by such people as Donald Trump would have been taller, safer, and better, and more updated. I think they should have rebuilt the twin towers or a very similar, updated version of them. Definately not going to happen at ground zero now, due to the new WTC buildings. Theres always midtown I guess, but I dont see that happening either due to lack of space. Im afraid the Twin Towers are relegated to history at this point.
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