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Originally Posted by SkyscrapersOfNewYork View Post
For the longest time, I was never sure if I had ever reached the top of the World Trade Center.

I was maybe 6-7 years old at the time. This was way before my brief skyscraper craze, when I absolutely adored the Empire State Building. Weirdly enough, I had never even heard about the World Trade Center back then, and I had trouble believing there were not just one, but two buildings taller than the ESB. Even after my visit to the top of the WTC, I couldn't even remember the towers whatsoever.

I certainly was told that I had indeed reached the top by my parents. And I remember seeing 5 World Trade Center at ground level in my memories. I even remembered the stupid tourist-targeted crap at the top floor, such as the "let us take a picture of you and stick you in front of a digitally-produced background" kind of stuff. But the towers themselves? I have no recollection of them whatsoever.

But I also remember this: I remember being able to dangle my feet while sitting at the edge near the windows, as in the picture above.

So now I can finally assure myself that yes, I had indeed reached the top once.
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