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Originally Posted by ydoc14 View Post
So is $125 million a "highrise" price figure?
Just like Kevin said, depends on many things. But here are some more comparisons just for the sake of comparison. Costs change, but;

St. Louis got a $184 million, 29 story building in 2000. But it is also the largest in the US with close to 1Mil sq. ft.

At about half that size is Jacksonville, with a 14 story, $84 million building, built in 2002.

Our current total size of the entire complex is 292,250 sq. ft and over 600 parking spaces. Something maybe slightly bigger than Austins is probably a good comparison. I believe the number is $142 million for construction.
As is, the buildings would fit side by side on the SAPD lot with no room for parking. The Federal Building, minus the courthouse, is currently 7 stories. Many are saying that the current buildings are way too small. So I would think that we are probably looking at 10 stories, at least, to accomodate for some growth, maybe higher if parking is an issue on that lot.
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