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This is what happens when you neglect the park and the Zoo. You will have naysayers sh*tting on this proposal, but I think this 180 million dollar proposal is well overdue. Everything in that park seriously needs a facelift, especially the zoo.

I would gladly go to the zoo more often than before if this goes ahead. I don't care if I pay 20 dollars, or 50 dollars to get in. If it means the "less fortunate" won't be able to get in, then that's too bad. Don't get me wrong, as I too support social development for everyone. Then again, it really shouldn't have been that way in the first place, being a "relatively easy" access to the zoo.

The zoo desperately needed renovations from the get-go, and from what I'm seeing in this proposal, it will definitely be worth the bang for the buck if this whole thing goes through.
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