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Originally Posted by 1ajs View Post
so ur saying it should go up to 15-20$ per person?
I'm not trying to throw out a concrete figure as I admittedly haven't done the math, nor do I have the numbers for current attendance, projected future attendance, and what the long term plan is, beyond that which is detailed in the Free Press (which is more rehabilititation than long term future planning). I whole-heartedly believe that we should be emulating the successes seen by the zoos in Calgary and Minneapolis. Whatever their business plan is, and arrangement with governements are, it is clearly radically superior to ours. I'm not advocating that we can play on the same scale as Minneapolis with a monorail running through our establishment, but on a smaller scale, I'd like to see similar grandeur. So, if that does mean ADULT fare is $15 with kids at $12, then perhaps that is the route we need to take.

How many people in this city currently don't go to the zoo on purpose, because it is an utter embarassment? I'd argue that the number is fairly significant. Some things - like zoos, and water parks, and amusement parks, etc. - you cannot cater to the lowest common economic denominator. Or, if you do, as is exhibited by the Assiniboine Park Zoo, you get a run down, dilapidated and decaying venue. I'm all for assisting those who don't have much. Absolutely. Food, shelter, internet access, transportation, education, green spaces, etc. However building an 'affordable' zoo is not something I believe to be a social project. It is an entertainment venue (in addition to being a centre of research and education - much like the Human Rights Museum, and that isn't going to be catered to the lowest common economic denominator by any stretch of the imagination. We shouldn't settle for a 9th rate Zoo, just so every person can 'afford' to go. Like the Human Rights Museum, like the ROM, like the Calgary Zoo, if you can't afford to go, then you simply do not go. It is not social oppression. It is economic and entertainment reality. I want a zoo of high calibre. I'm positive the same goes for many others. If that means I have to pay 15, 16, 17, 18 dollars for the experience (with say a 30-40% reduced rate for children 12 and under or whatever arbitrary amoutn one wishes to use), then I would gladly do so.
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