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The low birt rate is a tragedy for Germany, but we Germans don't have to worry about dying out. We have just outsourced our parts that are performing an population explosion to north America. Look at the german speaking Hutterites and Amish, they have fertility rates of about 8 children per woman and are doubling every 20 years. That leads to a birth rate of 4%. There are 300,000 o them, that makes 12,000 births per year. Thats 2% of the births in Germany.

You also have to look where the high birth rates in France are. The departement with the highest fertility rate in metropolitan France is Seine-Saint-Denis, the departement with one of the highest migrant share in France (fertility in 2005: 2.4). Remember the car burnings in 2005? That's the departement where it started.
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