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Originally Posted by rrskylar View Post
A rebuttal to post I made back on March 27th, and this is all you can come up with?
With regard to the delay in my response, I will reiterate, that I don't think the amount of time spent on this forum corelates with the validitity of a person's arguments, or that the fact I don't check in every day means I have no right to respond. Do you feel otherwise? If so, you have not provided any rationale for that opinion yet.

With regard to the perceived lack of content in my message, I was responding to what I saw as the relvant content in your post, nothing more, nothing less, so yes this is all I came up with. Was I to build some sort of straw man from your post, so that I could have something more substantive to argue against? Did I leave something of substance that you said unadressed?

BTW, If I haven't already done so, I would like to thank Vid for bringing much needed balance to this discussion, and it sounds like, more than the rest of us, actually doing something about the situation.
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