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Originally Posted by socialisthorde View Post
Firstly, I agree with what you said about the comment to 1ajs being innapropriate, but haven't you been the one arguing that people should be judged soley on their behaviour, and not given slack for their past? I don't want to drag 1ajs into this because he or she gets enough heat, but I think your rationale in defending him shows a major flaw in your view on native issues. I know it is on a much different scale, but you are willing to accept and defend less than ideal behaviour (grammar) from someone who you know, because you know something about how their natural ability or their past contributes to it, but you are all too quick to dismiss years of abuse as something native people need to get over and move on from and are quick to blame those who are not thriving in this world.

Secondly, the problem with threads like this is that they are in a forum we all have some responsability for and which are read by a lot of people outside of man/sask. I've lived outside these borders and the prairies, have reputation, accurate or not, for being backwards and racist. Call it politically correct if you will, but we need to be a little more reasoned and less reactive about racial issues if that perception is going to change and if we are going to draw people from other places. I'm not saying that I think you are racist, or at least any more racist than I am, and I have no interest in name calling, but I think perceptions are important, and I think that much of this discussion is creating an impression of racism.
I'm happy someone else picked up on the irony of rrskylar's post....and I'm glad that this thread has turned somewhat into a discussion, with some balance, instead of the originial "let's find every damning article about first nations and post them here....then complain about first nations". There's big issues with poverty & race and just complaining and kicking people when they're down isn't going to change that...

Thanks for the good posts folks.
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