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Originally Posted by SHOFEAR View Post
And that is why this issue will never be solved. You say something "critical" about a group of people by suggesting that it is time to take responsibility for your own actions and the time has passed when people can lay the "we got screwed 150 years ago" card and people get upset.

If the only political correct thing to do is to blame the white man and ignore, or are afraid to discuss other faults this will never be solved.

face it. This is a HUGE issue facing our (AB, Man, SK) urban areas and thus on a forum where we discuss urbanism, it is bound to come up and should be discussed.

btw, thanks vid. That was an excellant article.
...and I thank you for your next post vid. Thanks for trying to bring balance.

SHOFEAR: Why is it that everytime someone says something critical about trying to kick those who are already down, they get called "politically correct"? What I see the "PC" posters objecting to is overgeneralization and blaming, not to the assertion that personal responsability is important.

I don't hear any of the so called "pc" posters here saying that personal responsability doesn't play a role, but it would be terribly naive to think that we can completely ignore the past and pretend we all started off with equal opportunity. It is just as pointless to blame them for their predicament as it is to totally blame residential schools.

I think that most First Nations people are more than aware of their faults (personal and cultural). It's not like their collapsing culture and for many personal failings don't stare them in the face constantly. So berating them for being lazy is not likely to help a whole lot.

The issue will never get solved because many people insist on imposing their solution on everyone. Imposed one-size-fits-all solutions rarely work internationally and they will not work for First Nations people.
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