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Seeing Weissman's cargo container concept unfolding by the river got me thinking: why not have container-inspired businesses and housing in the lands adjacent to the river by the 1221 Apartments and the Roy Smith bridge? I think its a great idea, considering you'd get innovative architecture, and low-cost building materials, which will then hopefully allow for lower-rents in there. If I had the financial means, I'd buy the land and hand it over to Poteet Architects and Lake Flato and let 'em work their magic.

I think it would complement the existing 1221 buildings rather nicely.

Also, I've been walking around the SAMA grounds a lot lately, especially the back of the property by the new river stuff they've built, and I've realized that they have some really great French-inspired public spaces that work linearly along the river. If they opened these up, and if they allowed more restaurants in the older structures fronting the river, we could have a really great 24-hour pedestrian walkway which would also fill a need for relaxed park space if more residential is built around there. Does anyone know any past projects where private land is opened to the public like that?
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