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Originally Posted by Skyguy_7 View Post
^Makes me wonder what has the greater value: Larger floor plates throughout (5 extra feet around at the narrowest points) or the two additional floors where the blowthrough floor is now.

The hotel-level facade is very unique. I love it. Where else in Chicago can you find a highrise with trapezoidal glass, as opposed to rectangular? Perhaps this will be the next trend. One can only hope.
My guess is that it came down less to the pure value of the square footage but reality setting in when it was realized that the 70' floor plates in frustums with a core were nearly unusable. In the current configuration that would have only left 9' outside the core for the living areas and 21' depth for bedrooms and bathrooms on the north and south sides. The smaller floors may have required a completely different and more awkward arrangement of units.
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