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Nothing like the Philly typology, but I have lived in fully attached houses that have been further split up into several apartments:

Like this:

It was generally fine and not that much different than the average semi-detached in central Toronto. It is nice to have an exterior passageway to the backyard, though the one in our current place isn't wide enough to let much light in. I probably wouldn't want to live in the Philly example though - I like having a bit of a yard, though back is more important.

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My issue is with row-houses or any attached buildings is fire. At least with the Chicago housing, they're detached so if one house goes up, the neighbors are less at risk. In New York, if your neighbor ten doors down passes out drinking a fifth of scotch while grilling steaks he could burn the entire block down. Some cow a few years ago got people in Chicago skittish over fires....for good reason.
If there's a proper masonry firebreak in between houses it's not as bad, though smoke / water damage can still cause a total loss. Not on the level of losing the block, though. Generally rows in Toronto are either semi-detached that are just... attached on the other side, or a set of 3 in an attached row. For all intents and purposes most are independent structures that are just built up to each other though.

Here's an example of a small row of 3 that caught fire in Toronto a few years ago which resulted in the outright destruction of one, with the subsequent demolition of the others.




You can see that the attached house on the right of the 3 set row was more or less fine as it was structurally separate. There was significant smoke damage to the detached house on the left, too. The fire was somewhat exacerbated because these were woodframe as opposed to brick masonry houses.
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