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Originally Posted by Investing In Chicago View Post
I agree, but I don't think rowhomes are overrated, they provide, by far, the best urban experience in my opinion.

For example, below is the rowhouse I lived in in NYC vs. my current block in Chicago, they are both great, but the NYC block is by far more visually appealing to me, and the Chicago block is beautiful!

Row Home Block:!8i8192

Detached Home Block:!4d-87.6613642
My issue is with row-houses or any attached buildings is fire. At least with the Chicago housing, they're detached so if one house goes up, the neighbors are less at risk. In New York, if your neighbor ten doors down passes out drinking a fifth of scotch while grilling steaks he could burn the entire block down. Some cow a few years ago got people in Chicago skittish over fires....for good reason.
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