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Yes, I have, for a seven-year period here in Pittsburgh (in Lawrenceville). Arguably for a year when I lived in Bloomfield as well, though that was a semi-attached frame home, so arguably not a true rowhouse.

I honestly liked it a great deal. Heating costs were very minor once we insulated the attic, given party walls on either side and the non-party walls being pretty insubstantial in terms of surface area. It was a pain installing/uninstalling the window unit AC each year, but I didn't want to ruin the house with ductwork, so it was good enough.

I didn't really hear my neighbors that much - a foot of solid brick as a party wall muffles a lot of noise. Honestly I hear my neighbors more frequently in my current detached home because people around here spend more time on their porch and/or backyard. Didn't mind the relative lack of light in the "middle rooms" on the first/second floor. One window is enough for a room, IMHO.

The absolute worst part about it wasn't so much that it was a rowhouse, but that the backyard was covered by an easement for "ingress, egress, and drying of clothes." It was also at one point covered in concrete, and had subsided. We discovered over the course of years that we couldn't fence off any part of it for a private yard. We could have ripped out the subsided concrete on our property and fixed it, but we'd still have to look at the neighbors cracked, weed-infested yards, since we couldn't obstruct. Besides that my only major concern was things like when we needed a common chimney repointed and my neighbor was too broke so we had to pay for the whole thing ourselves.

When we moved out in 2014, my preference was strongly to live in another rowhouse - just a larger one with a private yard. But all of the Pittsburgh neighborhoods with nice larger rowhouses had already appreciated in price to the point my wife was unwilling to take the plunge, so we ended up in a detached home.
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