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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post
It seems a majority of us on this forum love the urban aesthetic of rowhouse neighborhoods. Having a significant chunk of its built environment populated by rowhouses gives a city a certain credibility as a "real city"... making it "more urban" and making its neighborhoods "cooler".

Though I wonder how many of us on here have actually lived in a rowhouse (???)... and I'd like to hear experiences of rowhouse lyfe. I'm not talking about living in some brownstone or townhouse or duplex or flat or some other semi-detached home. I'm talking about a rowhouse, like you would find in South Philly, for example.!8i8192

I've lived in 3 of them (first in Philly, then Pittsburgh, and finally DC) and I think living in a rowhouse mostly sucks. To me, they're cramped, dark, loud, and hot. Not sure why I chose to live in one the 2nd and 3rd times.
There are no rowhouses in my state I dont think. not in any significant number.

I lived in a very rowlike Townhome for 4 years in Scottsdale though.
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