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Plans for the future building at 174 Provencher Boulevard approved

Posted on 24 September 2019
On September 19, the Riel Community Committee approved plans for the building project that will house homes and businesses at 174 Provencher Boulevard.

Announced in January 2018 by the developer KAI Properties , the plan calls for the construction of 41 apartments on the main street of Saint-Boniface.

KAI Properties director Paul Allard says there is still work to be done, even though an extra step has just been taken.

That does not mean we'll start building the building tomorrow, he says. We still have to adopt a budget, hire a director of works, etc., it takes time.

Paul Allard explains that environmental tests are still in progress to ensure that the soil is not contaminated. The land chosen for the building previously hosted a service station.

Paul Allard estimates that the construction costs of the building will be $ 13 to $ 14 million. This amount has yet to be defined.

The 41-apartment project was adopted in February 2018 by the municipal council, and in June 2018 by the community committee Riel.
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