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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
Evanston is too ritzy, North Shore-y to me
evanston definitely has some of that element to it, especially over by the lakefront mansions (where homes are routinely in 7-figure land), but evanston is also home to a much wider diversity of people and incomes, and is much more densely populated and urban, than a more stereotypical north shore burb like winnetka.


white: 58.6%
black: 16.6%
latino: 11.5%
asian: 9.6%
other: 3.7%

median household income: $74,901

zillow housing value index: $338,200

pop. density: 9,583 ppsm

% SFH detached: 31.4%

# of el stops: 8

# of bus routes: 10


white: 90.2%
black: 0.2%
latino: 2.9%
asian: 4.3%
other: 2.4%

median household income: $216,875

zillow housing value index: $1,165,100

pop. density: 3,262 ppsm

% SFH detached: 84.1%

# of el stops: 0

# bus routes: 2

i feel that writing off evanston as just another ritzy north shore burb is more than a bit disingenuous. it's FAR more real and regular and city-like than the burbs to the north of it.

and being home to one of the top 10 universities in the nation (Northwestern) also brings a youthful vibe and energy to evanston that you won't find anywhere to the north either.
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