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Originally Posted by mattdmoreno View Post
The issue isn't replacing the car, its reducing car-dependency. The freedom of the car that you express is bittersweet as an increasing number of Americans cannot afford their car payments, but do not have a choice in transportation as urban development forces it as the only viable option. Rail is just one tool in the belt to reduce this dependency, especially in higher density corridors. On top of that, transit-orientated economic centers tend to be more successful than car-orientated strip malls (of course there are exceptions that are few and far between). On top of that, these visitors that you mention won't have a choice as to transportation options. San Antonio's airport is known as one of the worst in the country as a result of a lack of transportation options. Nobody can stop to look at grandeur at all if they can't even get there.
Where are all of these poor souls that can't afford a bus ride? I'm no more against mass transit than you are against personal vehicles.

We're not getting rid of either, so improve both. Pretty simple really, but you and Spoiler are making more of my comment than is there.
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