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Originally Posted by Restless One View Post
Seems to me the cure is worse than the disease. Unless you have a rail system that stops ever quarter mile or so, roadside attractions, stores, yes even gas stations, lose customers, and with that jobs.

And don't even give that "you can order online" bullcrap. If that's your argument, stop bitching about retail being a part of every new construction, because good retail will attract those that have to drive to get there.

This idea that rail can fix everything, and "single passenger cars" are evil is pure fiction. People will always want to stop and see the grandeur of the country, and rail doesn't allow for that. It will never have the versatility of cars.

Not to mention, manufacturing centers can't fit DT anymore. They are actually preferring the suburbs, due to many factors. The region is going to grow, and it will be "car centric". That is a fact.

Yeah, rail can move more people, as long as they all want to go to the same place, at the same time.

Better putting our efforts into more efficient personal autos, and making mass transit more convenient, than a one or the other approach.
Well said. and Common Sense. I've never believed that one was better than the other. We just need to improve both means. Without the intention of being political... the personal automobile is one of the main reasons America is the economic engine that it is. The personal automobile (as long as America doesn't start regulating the actual use of them through extreme taxation etc) will continue to be American's first choice for daily transportation for now and in the future.
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