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Originally Posted by JManc View Post

If I am to interpret this correctly, relative to their respective populations, Buffalo really isn't that much of a bargain compared to SF because the higher percentage of people living well below the poverty line. Houses may in the millions in SF but wages are much higher. I am from Upstate NY and the poverty is pervasive and an $80k house we may think is affordable is waaay out of reach for many families in that area. Contrast to the west coast where $80k is about what people pay for a car.
i'm looking at this through the lens of middle class people (people like me).

let's say a plumber in buffalo makes $50,000/year. he's totally gonna be able to buy an $86,000 home for his family.

let's say a plumber in SF makes $130,000/year. he's nowhere remotely close to being able to buy a $1.3M dollar home for his family.
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