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Originally Posted by JACKinBeantown View Post
And that expansion should include a train from the airport to downtown with one stop at the Quarry, one at the zoo/Alamo Stadium/Witte Museum and another at the Pig & Pearl.
A trackless train form the 281@Stone Oak park in ride to the airport and then onto the Pearl area and downtown would be a way to get the voters onboard. A second line could be UTSA main to UTSA downtown stoping at La Cantera, the Rim, a few medical center stops, and a few along Fred hooking up the other on Broadway by the Pearl.

That moves the professionals, the downtown hospitality workers, students, and suburban people wanting to play downtown. (Like the Dallas area)

You can put stations near undeveloped land, or under developed land, and it would increase urban infill in suburban areas. Bitters and 281 for example could be redeveloped into an urban center. Fred and 410 is another area that this could work.

I did leave off 35, but only because they have that sh$& show they are about to start with the elevated freeway on top of the existing one.
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