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[/QUOTE]Losing some historic housing in Lincoln Park

Going to become a 3 story SFH:!4d-87.6489564

At least this is maintingin SOME density as a 4 story, 3 unit bulding (I believe the permit includes both of these buildings):!4d-87.6457993

Originally Posted by west-town-brad View Post
historic or just old?
The loss of character is disheartening but the loss of density is appalling. Lincoln Park has really transformed into a boring suburb within the city. Whole once vibrant stretches are empty of people, shops, businesses. Look at Lincoln and Sedgewick, all the bars are gone, the hot dog stand guy around the corner said he may not hang on another year. Clark St., empty storefronts galore. Halsted, new boutique opens, closes within a year, repeated ad naseum. Armitage seems to be the only outlier. I think this trend is more to do with de-densification than internet retailing or millenials not having spending cash. And this trend is now reaching north into Ravenswood where 2 flats are being gobbled up and turned into SFH's en mass. We need a real comprehensive zonign plan that addresses the realities of the 21st century that people want SFH's but we need dense arterial streets to remain vibrant. We need dense housing nodes to keep "eyes on the street" and foot traffic up.
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