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Originally Posted by Fryguy View Post
Given the area, I am surprised something like this will be built. It's fitting and gives life to the area. Of concern, however, is the number of hotels coming into existence over the next few months - years that do not bolster on-site parking for guests. Nevertheless, I like the design, I like how they are going to fill in that space, I like that attention is finally being given to areas severely underdeveloped.

Still, the issue is significant- not enough parking with addition of new hotels and office space. With regard to downtown San Antonio getting more hotels - this is a Frey good thing. Yes, there are a lot of hotels (and too many motels), but not enough for the middle to upper crest to stay in. San Antonio downtown has too few luxury or middle tier hotels. Families get to go on vacation often but once a year. They don't want to stay at a motel 6 or Red Roof Inn, especially if they are wanting to stay downtown.
When it comes to good urban environments, a shortage of parking isn't a bug, it's a feature.
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