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I hope it goes through a redesign. Not to sound like a NIMBY, but I think given the presence on the skyline, for pure aethetic purposes, I think it'll stain it in its current form. I don't care if they build a 2000 ft, monolithic tower, but the design should at least have some aesthetic value to that section of the skyline. And its right next to the ESB.

NYC's skyline, how it has developed with respect to Midtown West, Midtown South... is beautiful. Hudson Yards has incorporated seamlessly into the urban fabric. But this, I just don't know. For the location, it really seems ridiculous.

The original design was quite decent. Even though it looked like San Francisco's Salesforce tower on steroids, at least it appeared, via the renderings, to add to the aesthetics, not tarnish it.

I mean if it rises as is, I guess we'll live with it... might even grow to love it in time, but for now... eh... not feeling it.
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