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Originally Posted by ilcapo View Post
Its relatively small cities so it doesnt take that much to get the numbers up.

Statistics is hard to come by, but:

Marseille, France had 34 murders in 2016 which is a rate of 3,9.

The island of Corsica had 17 murders in 2013 which would give it a rate of approx 5.5 .

Malmö, Sweden has the past 7 years or so had a steady number of between 9-13 murder per year which would give it a rate of between 3.1 - 4.1.

Manchester had 33 killings in 2015 which gives it a rate of 6.6. In 2017 it had a rate of 2.8 appearantly and 2018 4.0

Murder rates are probably decreasing in Belfast and Glasgow just like it has in southern italy.

However in a 10 year-span i would estimate Naples rate to be atleast over 3.0. Most likely well below the numbers from early 2000s and 1990s when crime was out of control in parts of Calabria, campania and sicily.
What's the source for those figures? The Manchester numbers look very high for the city itself, are you sure they are not for Greater Manchester (population 2.8m), or including attempted homicides etc?
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