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Originally Posted by Larla77 View Post
This is what I heard. The Fish Exchange, Rumpelstiltskins and Fog City are all owned by the same person. They opened a Fish Exchange in Halifax and that restaurant/venture is bleeding him dry and that's why Rumples and Fog City closed. He had a deal with the Mall that they would build the new building for Fog City and he was responsible for the inside. He had to break the deal because he could not longer do the inside - hence Fog City closed. The Fish Exchange dt is the last of his restaurants standing and yes there are rumors that it might close because of the owners debts. Like other restaurateurs before he bit off more than he could chew. I hope it stays open as its a popular spot and an excellent seafood restaurant beyond the usual fish and chip joints.

PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD RUMOURS when you have no clue what you are talking about. Rob Moore owns Fish Exchange, his ex-wife owned Rumples ( Not R.Moore), and Fog City is owned by a group of people led By Wayne Moore ( and includes Rob as part owner ), they also own The Keg together, --- if one is closing, it has nothing to do with the other. Shame on you people for spreading Crap.
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