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Originally Posted by bomberjet View Post
dCondo is supposed to be 'luxury' condos. There are other buildings, such as Glasshouse (maybe the only other comparable), which are cheaper and have had better sales.
Interesting discussion. Since Glasshouse and River Landing are both by Urban Capital, I get the feeling they are targeting a similar market.

Is there a negative vibe or stigma attached to dCondo?

I've followed the Glasshouse and dCondo threads from the beginning. But this is the first time I've had the nerve to comment on another city's project. For example, I hear a lot about Saskatoon's projects from sources other than skyscraperpage, such as local news, coffee room discussions, people "in the know", etc. It's easy to know which local projects have a positive vibe and which don't. I think that's more difficult to pick up on in a remote city even with all the excellent comments herein (I think that we forum participants tend to have similar biases).

Anyway, I hope dCondo sells well and Winnipeg gets more such developments, because I feel that success in Winnipeg is good for smaller prairie cities like Saskatoon and Regina. Go Jets!
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