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Originally Posted by BonoboZill4 View Post
Oh I definitely agree it isn't anything new, it's just seeing it so widely advertised definitely hits one in the face a lot more with how crazy it is. I guess that's the nature of the open market
There were so many cities that offered to host Amazon, and for good reason. I've said earlier that I think it probably would have benefited another city more, but there's no doubt this is a big plus for the city. Also, I think the city could absorb the loss better were Amazon's fortunes to change. And things do change. Remember Sears, which was the largest retailer at one point, built the world's tallest building. They eventually had to leave the building and even now filed for bankruptcy. Who know's what Amazon's fortunes will be years from now. But the job numbers were too much for any municipality or state to pass up, and the economic activity will make whatever breaks they get worth it.

This will mature Long Island City, and could lead to more investment and developments that would make it more of a destination in itself, similar to Manhattan and Brooklyn.

NYC expected to be named new Amazon HQ location

By Rich Calder and Chris Perez
November 12, 2018

After a yearlong search, Amazon is expected to reveal the locations for its two new headquarter buildings on Tuesday — and New York is indeed one of them.

...Mayor de Blasio has voiced his concerns about the project, but believes it will work out in the long run.

“There will be hassles, there will be challenges, but I think we can accommodate them,” he told reporters last week. “We will have to invest in infrastructure. I think it will be worth it.”

De Blasio referred to the Amazon move as “the single biggest economic deal in the history of New York City” while speaking on NY1 Monday.

“We are talking about a number of jobs that would make this company the single largest private employer in the city when it fully plays out,” the mayor said. “And, yeah, it will take work to implement properly and we need the company to work well with the neighborhood, but I want to say to everyone who is looking at this: We have never seen this magnitude of economic progress in terms huge number of jobs and high quality of jobs.”

The official announcement is expected to be made Tuesday by Amazon at a joint press conference with local officials. De Blasio and Cuomo are expected to be there.
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