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I've said that I thought Amazon would benefit another city more with this move, but people need to come of this high horse "we're too good - we don't need you" attitude. New York may be riding high now, but the city has and likely will again fall on hard times.

Why Amazon and Google Chose New York City Instead of a Place That Needs Them More

By Josh Barro

Vox’s Matt Yglesias laments Amazon’s apparent decision to split its planned, exciting “second headquarters” into two boring, large branch offices in two obvious, high-cost markets:

Simply put, while locating large pools of high-salary white collar positions in the New York and DC metro areas makes a ton of sense for Amazon, it doesn’t actually make that much sense for either greater New York City or greater Washington. Amazon’s presence will tend to exacerbate those cities’ crises of housing affordability and overburdened transportation infrastructure. And it makes no sense at all for the United States of America, which urgently needs more economic opportunity in dozens of other metro areas that have a different set of problems.

It’s not just Amazon; shortly after I wrote that nobody calls Google’s huge New York office a “second headquarters,” the Wall Street Journal reported that Google intends to expand its New York presence to 20,000 workers, which means it will rival the size of Amazon’s planned “second head
Certainly, it would be nice for Cleveland if Amazon (or Google) had chosen to locate its second headquarters there. But I disagree that, as Yglesias goes on to vaguely suggest, the federal government ought to explicitly try to push superstar tech companies away from high-cost, high-desirability metros, and into cities with lots of available office space and housing to revitalize.

There are clearly things Amazon and Google think they can do best by doing them in New York and Washington and Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area. If we force or induce them to go elsewhere, what productivity and innovation will be lost in the economy? Probably at least some; otherwise, they wouldn’t choose to locate in places where real estate and labor are so expensive.
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