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Originally Posted by micahinsa View Post
Well, San Antonio did lose out on the last round of MLS expansion sides, to Cincinnati, Miami and Nashville. The crew moving to Austin though isn't really an expansion, though, just relocation.

I don't think it's that big of a deal, honestly. The quality of the MLS is generally quite poor, especially when compared to other countries. And attendance is very hit and miss. Especially in Texas, they can barely get anyone to go to the games in Houston and Dallas.

I would absolutely love to see a Liga MX team in San Antonio. If we had to choose between MLS or Liga MX it's got to be the latter, every day of the week. Far more exposure, more money, and it would bring a real international flavor to the city, and hopefully even a shiny new stadium in the core.

The Spurs situation is interesting. Now that they're probably going to start to suck, or at least be mediocre, I wonder if there are big changes ahead. Attendance is middle of the road for the NBA, the ownership group is in turmoil, the coach is probably going to call it quits soon, and players don't want to live in San Antonio. That combined with the AT&T Center lease being up around 2030, if the Spurs can't get a new arena, I wouldn't be surprised if they moved. To be honest I don't think it would be the worst thing in the world. It would force city leaders to start fixing things instead of doping everyone up on Go Spurs Go fever to distract them from how crappy a lot of the city is.
You are very off base.

The Spurs attendance is 6th out of 30 with 98% attendance.