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Originally Posted by micahinsa View Post
I'm honestly shocked by how many people are happy with these designs.

When I go downtown, I usually come in on Commerce. The convention center is one of the first things anyone sees when they enter downtown at Commerce, or when they leave it heading east on Market. This is so important. Alamo and Commerce/Market is one of the busiest intersections in town, for both cars and foot traffic. Then there's the visual recognition---along with the Alamo, they always show the torch at Alamo/Commerce on TV when the Spurs are on national TV. Is this really the development we want in the background? "Hey everyone, this is what we think is an acceptably progressive new development!"

These plans are so uninspiring; as someone said above, they already look outdated before they've even been built.

San Antonio is constantly referred to as a "world-class" city by the mayor (and his predecessor). Does anyone---anyone---see this as a world-class development? if so, have they ever, um, actually left San Antonio? How does this push the envelope in any way, shape or form?

It's so disappointing if people in this city are satisfied with this, something that is supposed to be the hallmark of downtown, and ends up looking like it was transported from the 80s.
Well stated. After reading your opinion, all I could reflect upon was a comparison of computers I had recently purchased. Not long ago, I purchased a new Mac computer, a Mac Air laptop. While the computer was great on the inside, it was sh*t when it came to its display. I was going to "deal" with it until I started watching a show on my "new" computer. When I streamed this show onto my 5-year-old tv, the tv ended up correcting its color resolution. That's when I decided to return it and just get a Macbook. When the resolution of a "new" computer is better on a 5-year-old tv than a "new" computer, you know something is downright wrong. While this "new" computer was advanced and definitely worthy of note with regard to its internal hardware, it still remained outdated.

To reiterate, the current design is "okay" but not for downtown on a prime location. Ostensibly, however, this design would definitely work on 1604 or the i10/410 corridor. As a result, this park will not be the sine qua non of downtown park and recreation as it potentially could have been. What a shame, indeed.

Well, let's see if the area around the Frost Tower can be further improved. I am also looking forward to the final design of the JMJ development. More development in that area would definitely be interesting to see. Nothing new has been built in that area since Hotel Contessa. The building on the lot has already been razed
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