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Originally Posted by greyraven8 View Post
Acquired 2 double sided album pages of small photos off Ebay - three of the pages are from NW Ontario - many dated 1929. The fourth page are some rooftop shots; been suggested they are from Portage Avenue East - possibly from the roof of the Bank of Montreal.
Judging by the angle in the first and second photos, I'd say that this is roof of the Corona Hotel, which on Notre Dame East (now Pioneer) just east of Main St. The 3rd photo makes it look like they are on a building beside 138 Portage, but if you look to the right of the dudes sitting there, you can see the ladder from the first photo. In the first photo, it's clear that the building is actually behind the Westinghouse and Crowley buildings, therefore on Notre Dame East.

That would make the building roof visible in the lower half of the second picture the Westinghouse building and the ornate building across the street a Trust and Loan company that was located at 173 Portage Ave East. Angle wise this makes sense. The Corona was 5 stories, Westinghouse was 3 and the Trust and Loan company was 8.

Finally, in the last picture, the west side of Main St. south of Portage is visible in the background. You can see the building that says 'Furniture' on it in this picture of the Scott Block fire.

Because of the buildings that were on Notre Dame East, south Main St probably wouldn't be visible from the roof of buildings on Portage Ave East.

BTW, the relevant links to the 1914 fire atlas are here. It shows the location of buildings and their heights in stories.
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