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well, 3rd save on foods announced for the city.

cumberland square, where old safeway used to be.

report came out saying there will be 6 in saskatoon in the end. as myself being a store manager for Extra foods, i think the grocery stores in the city is a little excessive, but if theres going to be 6, wheres the other 3 going

so far confirmed
1) Kensington 2017
2) brighton/holmwood 2017???
3) Cumberland square late 2017 probably early 2018?

3 other locations ( these are MY OPINIONS )

1) downtown ( even though article said no groc retail was wanted to go downtown ) this will definitely be the last of the 6
2) north east where new commuter bridge is going, i know commercial will be developed in the future
3) market mall, since all safeways will be closed at some point

thoughts anyone? im curious to hear your opinions on this one. but im sure you all agree on that we have too many groc retail stores for the size of our city.
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