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Originally Posted by Regina Boi View Post
A great little blog article about turning the Travellers Building into the farmers market. They also created a rendering, showing what it could look like.
Looks great but I think they would need a ton of financial help to make that feasible and I agree that it would be nice to have some outdoor space available for summer.

If I had the money:
I kind of picture a small art gallery on the main floor and then maybe a coffee shop or cafe with some outdoor seating and a small book store. Or a larger book store and coffee shop. Or maybe a grocery store?

And then the second floor-definitely restore the Arcadia Ballroom to its former glory. You could rent it out for weddings and events, host small performances, hold public dances (you could do themes! I love themes! Barn dance, 50s sock hop, swing night, masquerade ball, jazz night, karaoke/open mike nights....) I believe the second floor also has some office space. This could be rented out as office space, or maybe re-worked into living spaces.

Regardless of what happens with that building (though I cross my fingers that it will be something wonderful) that stretch of Broad needs a lot of love. I'd like to see the city put some effort into the streetscape there. Trees and maybe some raised planters along the sidewalks would improve the look of the place and for pedestrians it would create a sense of separation from the traffic. And I know the medians are pretty narrow on Broad through downtown but it would be great to see some plants through that stretch. They don't necessarily have to be raised planters, could be a simple as "cut out" areas on the medians or the medians themselves could be planters similar to this example:


Even a single tier would look fine. Throw some drought resistant native plants in there just to give the area some life and colour.
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