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I drove to test out route number 11 on the top-down plan. From Southland mall, assuming the stop at southland takes 7 minutes to enter, stop and exit the place; to ross industrial and ross and the exit to henderson takes approximately 40 minutes. Also, from southland to downtown on this route took me approximately 12 minutes. I did this during rush hour, to get a sense of how long it will take for the bus during off-peak hours. However I would change a few things about the route. Especcially the fact that as it exits the downtown, the bus turns off sask drive and heads along south railway and dewdney. I would have taken sask drive to winnipeg, then winnipeg to dewdney as it would be closer to residents and would reach residents deeper in along sask drive. On another note, I do believe the route should have bus bays along lewvan, to stop once at intersections and once between intersections along lewvan, as to reach out to a larger number of passengers in the normandy heights area.
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