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Originally Posted by ILYR View Post
WestJet drops direct flights between Saskatchewan and Winnipeg
Meanwhile, competitor Air Canada is adding another daily flig
The problem is that WestJet doesn't have smaller planes, therefore it is less able to accommodate the smaller flight loads to Winnipeg.

The sad thing is that stubborn WestJet diehards will continue to fly WestJet to Winnipeg - even with the jog through Alberta. (and WestJet is probably aware of this undying devotion... thus the decision to cancel flights).

All else being equal, I'd support WestJet - but I rarely fly WestJet because too many of their flights are routed through Calgary.
If I'm flying to Calgary, then that's okay... but if I'm flying from Winnipeg to Regina then it's a disgusting waste of my time to be routed through Calgary.
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