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Downtown/Riverwalk area is too bureaucratic to become what we'd like to see. We need an area that doesn't have to chop and glue their plans (several times I might add) to conform with the predetermined ideas of regulatory organizations like HDRC. Houston has no zoning and has attracted some very nice high-rises! There is a lot of room in the medical center but it is owned by SAMF and they only offer the land for medical purposes. I doubt they could be convinced to allow high rise office buildings. Plus , traffic in that area is horrific and would require a lot of work before that could become a reality.

I'd like to see the I-10/410 intersection find new high rises. There are plenty of small buildings that could be removed to make way for nice sleek high rises. If we got rid of Crossroads Mall there is prime land for high rises. This area is adjacent to the medical center and would complement any height the moves in there.
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