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I'd agree with people who say that European skyscrapers are modest in compare to North American, I believe Europe has best stadiums in the world, my favorite 'Emirates Stadium' in London, home of Arsenal F.C.

It's a harmonic combination of opposites, it looks huge still seats 'only' 60.000 spectators, from outside it looks like it's a closed facility (arena-like) but with detached roof it's really an open-space vanue, roof is in strickt lines while stadium sides are whirley, looks great in the evening games with the light decor and all...

It costed around $800 million, finished in 2006 and is a pricey place to attend games there: Category B tickets from $60-120, Category A from $80 and above, the stadium is almost always sold out for Arsenal's over 30 home games in a season.

Sport Site Alize Cornet Oslo Norway
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