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Originally Posted by Double L View Post
Comparing game-specific ratings is meaningless when referring to the entire series and the Spurs season-long national ratings.
In seasons past the Spurs have had some of the highest ratings during the playoffs esp. on TNT (which provides fantastic NBA coverage). Also, it really bothers me when SA gets all the blame when ratings are low as if the Spurs are playing the Spurs and no other team is involved. But again I ask, how is it that the 2005 Finals (SA-Det) overall rating was a 8.2 and the 2006 Finals (Mia-Dal) was an overall 8.5 rating. I asked this simply for your simplistic reasoning that the ratings have been low because the Spurs are boring.

That's just another aspect of who The Spurs are, most of their popularity is centered locally in comparison to previous national championship teams.
Detroit is the same way, their popularity is standard regional. LA and Chicago are the only two that really had that national popularity. Though never a NBA championship winner the Cleveland Cavs are as well only popular regionally.

I don't buy "people aren't watching because the spurs are going to win", either.
That is one of the reasons not the only.

I'm not a Spurs fan, they rely on simple plays that do indeed invoke strong defense including good picking and motion offense
I don't understand this sentence, are you saying picking and motion offense are defenses?

but I think that's too simple and I like to see players play off of each other on the court.
That is exactly what both motion offense and pick and rolls do. They demand the players play off each other.

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