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Originally Posted by oldpainless View Post
Man, the Proscenium (sp ?) building thats between 1180 and the future Mandarin is going to look even more ridiculous once the Mandarin gets built. The scale on the building is way off for the area. I think the developers underestimated the boom Midtown would see 4-5 years in the future, and so they built way too small. The Proscenium is more on a scale of Colony Square and would look much more appropriate in Buckhead, or Perimeter, or Cumberland.

Maybe at the time it was constructed the market in Midtown was a lot less robust and so they ended up building small scale. But you just know when 1180 was getting built right next to it, the Proscenium people where probably thinking "we could have really unlocked the potential of this site a lot better than what we did", while they stared up at it in envy.
Actually, I've read and seen elsewhere that Promenade, the building you're talking about was just one of several buildings to be built, and in fact, this one was to be the shortest.