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Originally Posted by realm0854 View Post
Is this getting BUILT?? wow!
It still needs to be approved by the city, but we can sure keep our fingers crossed! It would be excellent not only to have the tallest building built in Atlanta in probably 15 years, but to have it across the street from others that will get under way soon: the 2-block 12th and Midtown development that includes 3 40+ story buildings, the first phase of which is a 725,000 sq ft office tower and a hotel + condo mixed-use tower. Having these buildings, coupled with the towers already lining 14th Street, will make this area incredibly dense and certainly push the city towards its goal of creating an urban retail and destination district along Peachtree St. in Midtown.

Per its original DRC meeting, there are a few zoning variances that need to pass before approval, including impermeable surface coverage increasing from 85% to around 88.5%.