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Originally Posted by JManc View Post
To a certain extent; e. g. cost of living has gone up. But the individual must and should step up and assume their share of the responsibility. A lot of the parents I see posting above took responsibility of being able to provide for their children; education, careers, stability, etc.
If poor people weren't having kids there would be a hell of a lot fewer people. Most of us reading this thread probably wouldn't be here. So, I think the finger is pointed in the wrong direction.

The eight richest people on Earth have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 4 billion people on Earth. If poor people have a responsibility to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, then rich people also have a responsibility to not be so greedy. If rich people want to continue to hoard resources, then we have to be okay with creating a very large social safety net. I don't think capitalism will survive without a compromise on one or the other.
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