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Brad Wall never hesitates to spout off petulantly to defend Saskatchewan's interests when he feels they're threatened by the Feds, but when it's big business -- crickets. C'mon.
Yea but the NDP closed a hospital 15 years ago so.... (sarcasm)

The hard fact is that most of Potashcorp's executive positions are in the states and surprisingly not in Saskatoon. When BHP attempted the PCS Takeover in 2011 they boasted to increasing their head office number from 209 to 300 and from 6 executives to 11, but who is to actually enforce if they actually did hire that many more. The executives like to spend more time in the chicago (with United cancelling Chicago direct flights last year we will see less and less of them for sure) than in Saskatoon, which is a shame for the company being that 100% of revenues could be going back into Sask if it was still a crown corp and BHP bought it in 2011 versus this whole mess now. Luckily they spend a ton of money locally, but who's to say if that's going to start to slowly dwindle with the new Agrium merger as I don't think Agrium is as vested in one place like PCS is.

On a side note, a Deutche Bank analyst is trying to get BHP Billiton to outright cancel its Jansen mine with the coming of their new chair person September 1st. Not great news on that end for Saskatoon head office expansion as a radical change in direction seems to be forthcoming.

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