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Originally Posted by DancingDuck View Post
Yes they are
Strange thing is they are nowhere near the zoo (new or old entrance)... They're north-west ish of the duck pond, maybe 20 feet from the nearest path. I find it strange that it would not be closer to the zoo so people visiting can see what it will (hopefully) look like when all is finished.
It may seem odd as you say, but with the project's scope, a decade at least, sometimes a sign placed for the publics viewing on future developements or improvements may change dramatically over the length of the project, hence from yr. to yr. a new sign would have to be erected/designed.. As you say an odd location per se that is not present at the main gate, for tourists/visitors to see.

A 20 storey bldg. for example, already UC may have a sign showing the completed project but it will pretty much be what you see when completed. But a project depending on donations,change in those involved in planning..etc.. involved over the decade may see changes in the design or concept of the project.

I've been mainly involved in the(non-public areas of the zoo, ie: transport of a orphaned MB. Blk. Bear Cub on it's way to Northern Ont.) So I hear snippets from staff but not those in the planning/designing/ areas of the various enlocures etc.
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