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Originally Posted by DowntownWpg View Post
My Manitoba Federal Riding Prediction:

- Nothing will change!

EXACTLY! What a waste of time and $$$.

Harper should roast over this, all this expense to further nothing but his own ego. There's no way he will improve his standing, he's too cold and unlikeable.

My own rant is that I wish there was a democratic way I could officially spoil my ballot.

I asked about this, and elections officer said I could do this but that it wouldn't be counted.

Personally, I'd love to have the option of voting for "None of the Above".

I think there are lots of people out there that don't bother to vote because they are disenfranchised with the parties. And so, they get grouped with the people who are too lazy to vote or don't care.

I VERY much care, but in Kildonan-St.Paul my choices were between a blind marxist, an Anti-Semite, and a 'family values' conservative.

None of these people speak for me.
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