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Originally Posted by CHAPINM1 View Post
Despite the differences between the two cities, Chicago and New York DO share quite a bit of traits between a few different buidlings. By no means is this bad, but I'm just noting that both are great and there are more simularities than one would think. For instance the following buildings can easily compare and are similar in a lot of ways:

Aqua (Chicago) - Beekman Place (New York) Difference in height by roughly 40 feet and by 5 - 10 floors, the concepts are similar in addition to the wavy/striking designs.

John Hancock Center (Chicago) - Girasole (New York) Despite the major difference in floors, the heights of both differ by only 127 feet and the concepts for both are similar.

Conservatory Tower (Chicago) - Citigroup (New York) Major difference in floors, yet environmentaly friendly concepts are there plus the slanted roofs! The heights for both may be in the same neighborhood as well.
You forgot probably the most obvious ones: The Chrysler Building and Two Prudential Plaza
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