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Originally Posted by streetscaper View Post
I will definitely be climbing to the top primarily to see this spectacular view (below). Don't know where else in the world (let alone "ground level") you can see something like this (especially on such a monumental scale)

Yes, I will be climbing up there many times. I wonder how many people will try and make it to the top only to find they're not in as great a shape as previously thougt... lol

But it will be great to watch the hive of human activity circulating in and around this thing. This is the west side's "times square", without all of the flashy lights and (maybe) the costumed characters, though I'm sure they will have a presence there.

Originally Posted by JACKinBeantown View Post
It looks really cool.

Sadly, I predict that it could be a popular destination for those wishing to jump.
Someone said the same thing to me about the WTC oculus. My answer was that the city if full of destinations for those wishing to jump.

Originally Posted by De Minimis NY View Post
I’m blown away. For me, the design greatly exceeds the hype.

NYC is full of beautiful views, but unfortunately the chaotic nature of pedestrian traffic often makes it difficult to casually wander the streets and take them in. Everyone walks with a purpose—outside of our parks, you’re basically always on a human conveyor belt.
Yeah, this will be a great "watching" space.

Originally Posted by aaron38 View Post
As for the structure itself, it's interesting but what does it do? The Eifel Tower is huge by Parisian standards, towering over the city, it's a landmark that can be seen. This is buried inside a group of towers. Where can it be seen by except there in the plaza?
That and it's inverted, it doesn't soar. It reminds me more of a children's play house, more than something to be inspired by.

The structure itself will loom at the terminus of the Hudson Blvd & Park. The hordes of tourists from the High Line will feed in as well. Times Square isn't something necessarily visible from a distance, but it's jam packed daily. This will be no different. Anyone who has ever visited the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree around the holidays (itself as iconic as anything in New York) can tell you how iconic this thing can be. Think Rockefeller Christmas tree year 'round.

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