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Wanted to get some input on my concept for a renovation of Camden Yards, in time for its 30th anniversary in 2022.

Key Ideas:
1). Remove seats under the overhang of the second deck in left field and create a two level hangout space with open air concession stands, drink rail seating, and high top tables.
2). Remove the right field bleachers adjacent to the foul pole and create a bar/viewing deck, similar to The Corner at Progressive Field.
3.) Remove the last several rows of bleachers under the scoreboard in right center field and create a larger, more flexible gathering space.
4.) Enlarge the scoreboard.
5.) Remove a portion of the left field upper deck seats and open those sections up to the concourse beyond. Make space for a sponsored beer garden in the left field concourse. Natty Boh and Guinness are my top choices.
6.) Create a home plate club for season ticket holders behind plate that is open to the 100 level concourse. This would open up views of the field and improve the entry sequence from behind home plate.
7.) Develop a ballpark smart phone app that incorporates augmented reality technology to make statues of Orioles legends come to life and has other cool features like a Scavenger Hunt for kids, scorekeeping, etc.
8.) Upgrade the stadium WiFi - It's sooo slow.
9.) Ditch the traditional season ticket model in favor of and "Access Based" season ticket model. The Oakland A's introduced something similar to this called "A's Access" that has been successful. With "Birdland All Access"/ O's Access/whatever you want to call it, fans get standing room access to every single home game and reserved seats to 10, 20, 40, or 81 games. Prices would range from $500 to $4,000 All packages can be paid off over 10 months. O's Access holders also get 30% of food, beverages, and merchandise. Kids 12 and under get in free. This would provide much more value and make it worth it for fans to show up more - even when the team sucks.
10.) Put solar panels on top of the warehouse. It is one of the longest buildings on the East Coast and has so much untapped energy harnassing potential.

All in all, this concept would reduce the capacity from 45,971 to 39,500, putting it more in line with Fenway Park and Target Field in terms of fixed capacity, while tripling the amount of standing room space.

What do you all think?
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