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Originally Posted by ArchGuy1 View Post
Do you think that the Bank of Southwest Tower in Houston that was proposed in the early 1980's will ever be built considering that the proposed site is now a parking lot. I also know that an observation deck was proposed for the 79th floor.
No. There's probably not a business case for a single (new) building with what I'm guessing would be ~1.5 million sf. Look at what's been built within the last 10 or so years; if/when something is built on the site it will probably be ~700' and about a million sf.

I wish it would be built. There were a couple of other buildings proposed in the early 80's, I think KPF may have been the architect. I came across them about 18 or so years ago while in college (old issue of Texas Architect?), and they were in the 1000' range. Block 152 Tower, maybe? Wortham and Van Liew (or something) was the developer. Imagine downtown with a couple of these unbuilt towers...or with regulations that would have forced anything over 500' to be built in the CBD!
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